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Cancer Treatment Procedures in Coral Springs, FL

A cancer diagnosis is something nobody wishes for during their life. Apart from the consequences in terms of health and normal life expectation, other concerns include disfigurements and scars from the treatment of the various forms of cancer. For instance, the treatment of skin cancer might require Dr. Phillips to surgically excise cancerous growths and other skin lesions in order to preserve your health. Fortunately, experienced cosmetic surgeons can utilize highly specialized techniques to treat cases of skin cancer, such as melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma, while still preserving your appearance. Cosmetic surgeons can also reconstruct the breast following a mastectomy; a procedure to surgically remove breast tissue with cancerous growth. Dr. F. Leigh Phillips, III, MD, PA, FACS offers cancer treatment procedures to residents of Coral Springs, FL, and other nearby cities.

Cancer Treatment Procedures

The exact procedure Dr. Phillips uses will depend on the type of issue he is trying to address. Skin cancer removal is usually performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient. He will excise the lesion, and then reconstruct the resulting wound. During breast reconstruction, Dr. Phillips will use an implant or tissue from the buttocks, belly, or back to rebuild the shape of the breast. Residents of Coral Springs, FL, and other surrounding cities can contact Dr. Phillip at Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Spa to learn more about the various cancer treatment procedures.