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Eyelid Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. F. Leigh Phillips, III, PA, FACS is Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida’s Source for Plastic Surgery and the Ultimate in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Enhancements, including eyelid surgery.

Your eyelids play an important role in your appearance; including framing your eyes and helping you appear youthful.  Excess fat and tissue around your eyes, however, make you appear tired and can give you dark circles under your eyes.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is a minor surgical procedure used to modify the eyelid and enhance the appearance of the eyes. If you want to look younger and more alert or are suffering from vision impairment, you may be an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery.

Tired Eyes Caused by Heavy Eyelids

Excess skin and fat around your eyes not only affects your appearance, but also your energy level.  Without realizing it, you use extra energy to hold your eyes open, especially when you watch television or read.  Over time, this causes your eyes to become tired. Many of our patients in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale tell us that after their eyelid surgeries, they are excited to have more energy to enjoy their favorite activities.

Common Reasons for Eyelid Surgery:

  • Excessive skin above the eyes
  • Excessive skin above the eyes causing vision impairment
  • Bags below the eyes that remain throughout the day
  • Wrinkling around the eyes

Upper and Lower Eyelids

For the best possible results, Dr. Phillips may recommend eyelid surgery on your upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both.  The scars from the surgery are not noticeable since they are placed in the crease of your upper eyelid or along the line of your lower eyelid.  After your eyelid surgery, all you and your friends see are your beautiful eyes—no scars or puffiness.

What Can I Expect After Eyelid Surgery?

Recovery from eyelid surgery can take up to several weeks. It is most often considered a cosmetic procedure, yet eyelid surgery is also performed when an excessive amount of upper eyelid skin causes peripheral vision impairment and affects daily activities, such as driving or reading.

Additional Facial Surgery Procedures:

What is the Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Fort Lauderdale?

The price of eyelid surgery is based on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your goal appearance. Dr. Phillips accepts many direct payment options and uses CareCredit as a financing option.

Whether you are looking to enhance your appearance non-invasively through skin rejuvenation treatments or invasively through plastic surgery, Dr. Phillips can help the residents of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County make your medical and aesthetic goals become a reality. Call us today to schedule your eyelid surgery consultation at 954-271-1646!