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Mini Tummy Tuck in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. F. Leigh Phillips, III, PA, FACS is Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida’s Source for Plastic Surgery and the Ultimate in Non-Surgical Aesthetic Enhancements, including the mini tummy tuck.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

The mini tummy tuck, or partial abdominoplasty, is often an excellent option for people who have a small amount of abdominal skin to be removed and do not have a significantly protruding abdominal muscle wall. Individuals whose abdominal area is beginning to sag due to aging, or who have slim abdomens that they wish to sculpt into a more desirable shape, may find that a mini tummy tuck is ideal for them.

The Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure

Dr. Phillips will tailor the abdominoplasty procedure to the specific concerns the patient would like to have addressed or corrected. The incision used in mini abdominoplasty is usually above the pubis. The length of the incision depends on the extent of the surgery and whether it is a full or mini procedure, which varies from patient to patient. Excess skin and tissue are removed, while weakened abdominal muscles are tightened. Once the abdomen has been sufficiently flattened, the incision will then be closed.

Recovery From a Mini Tummy Tuck

Dr. Phillips will discuss the healing process with you at the time of the initial consultation. The amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among different patients. Depending on the extent of your abdominoplasty and your general physical condition, you may be able to return to non-strenuous work anywhere from one to three weeks after surgery. In many instances, you can resume most of your normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after a few weeks. Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale patients will be encouraged to take short walks to promote circulation, but straining, bending and lifting should be avoided. You may continue to experience some mild, periodic discomfort and swelling during this time, but such feelings are normal. The bruising and much of the swelling will disappear over a period of weeks, as well.

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What is the Cost of a Mini Tummy Tuck in Fort Lauderdale?

The price of a mini tummy tuck will vary depending on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve the desired stomach appearance. Dr. Phillips accepts many direct payment options and uses CareCredit as a financing option.

Whether you are looking to enhance your appearance non-invasively through skin rejuvenation treatments or invasively through plastic surgery, Dr. Phillips can help the residents of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County make your medical and aesthetic goals become a reality. Call us today to schedule your mini tummy tuck consultation at 954-271-1646!