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Dr. F. Leigh Phillips, III

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Cancer Treatment Procedures in Broward County

Dr. F. Leigh Phillips, III, MD, PA, FACS offers cancer treatment procedures to residents of Broward County, Florida.


What are Cancer Treatment Procedures?

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, it is important to understand your cancer treatment procedures. Cancer treatment procedures are designed to remove cancerous cells before they spread. Dr. Phillips provides services for skin cancer removal and breast reconstruction following removal surgeries.


The Different Type of Cancer Treatment Procedures

For breast cancer, surgery is often indicated to remove the cancerous cells before they spread. These surgeries may remove everything from the entire breast to the areola, nipple, lymph nodes, or breast tissue. Following these surgeries, many women choose breast reconstruction surgery to regain their precancerous look and confidence.

For skin cancer, Dr. Phillips offers different types of removal depending on the type of cancer. For melanoma, the lesion must be cut from the skin. For non-melanoma, Dr. Phillips removes the lesion in layers to check each individual layer for cancerous cells. Other services include scraping away cancerous cells or electrosurgery to destroy any cancer cells that remain.


About Dr. Phillips

Dr. Phillips is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been providing cancer treatment services since 1990.