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Cancer Treatment Procedures in Pompano Beach, FL

When a patient discovers that he or she has cancer, the top priority is to find a physician who is specialized in the latest cancer treatment procedures, and who can help the patient determine which cancer treatment is the best option. The cancer treatment procedures available to residents of Pompano Beach have benefits and consequences that must be discussed carefully with the physician.

The Right Cancer Treatment Procedures for Pompano Beach, FL Residents Reduce Side Effects While Improving the Patient’s Outcome

Many patients choose to undergo surgery to have a cancerous tumor treated or removed. If the entire tumor has been successfully removed, the patient will effectively be cured of cancer. However, if part of the tumor remains behind, it can potentially regrow. Another option is chemotherapy, a procedure which uses chemicals and drugs to treat the tumor. Radiation therapy is another very common type of cancer treatment that can destroy cancer cells and potentially kill the tumor, or at least cause the cancer to go into remission.

There is No Perfect Procedure for Cancer Patients

Dr. Phillips offers skin cancer removal, breast reconstruction and melanoma removal for residents of Pompano Beach, FL. Skin cancer is often one of the most treatable forms of cancer.